In 2016 Haringey had the biggest gap in the country at GCSE between White British and Black Caribbean students. Closing the achievement gap for our BAME students is a top priority for HEP.

Note on Terminology

The term ‘BAME’ is an imperfect and problematic acronym used to describe peoples of Black, Asian and minority ethnic heritage. We know this term encompasses a hugely diverse population, both culturally and socio-economically, whose lived experiences cannot be defined by a single word, and we endeavour to acknowledge these differences in the work we do. We know that language is not neutral and we are continuously working with our family of schools and partners in the community to question and develop the language we use.


The Black Caribbean and BAME Achievement Steering Group have produced a strategy to explain and guide all of our work. Download the strategy
All of our schools have signed up to the Black Caribbean and BAME Achievement Pledge.
We want our schools to display the pledge proudly in school and make a reality of the eight commitments. Download the Pledge