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How HEP can support you

As a Chair of Governors, how do I maintain connection with others who have a similar level of responsibility and avoid feeling isolated?

As a Governor, how do I keep in touch with the key national and local issues that may be impacting on my school?

Our Local Leaders of Governance lead four Chairs of Governors networks covering primary (East and West), secondary and special schools.

Our Local Leaders of Governance are very experienced Chairs who hold regular virtual meetings with Chairs of Governors to ensure they are up to date on key issues and connected with each other.

We provide half-termly briefings for all Haringey governors and trustees in partnership with Haringey Council. These provide updates on both national and local issues to ensure that you are informed about matters that will be impacting on your school. This enables your Board to be best prepared to meet any up and coming challenges, but also to benefit from any additional support that may be available.

Inspiring excellence & confidence in educators

I would like to inform you both of the wonderful advice and support that I have had from my Local Leader of Governance. He has been there for me when I have needed advice. He also is a proactive listener. Thank you so much for providing such a service.
Chair of Governors at a Haringey School
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If you are a Chair of Governors at a Haringey school, please contact Anne Etchells to ensure you get connected to your relevant network