How HEP can support you

HEP supports our member schools to work in close partnership and lead together on behalf of our communities and practitioners.

We facilitate school improvement networks of approximately 15 schools – currently six in Haringey and three in Enfield. Each network is funded with £10k annually to support collaboration and address the collective priorities for school improvement. This has included: conferences, moderation, staff development opportunities, group tuition, purchasing resources and much more.

Peer review has been part of the evaluation and school improvement landscape for a number of years. Research tells us that in systems where schools have high levels of autonomy peer learning among schools can prevent an introspective and defensive culture from forming.

A flexible facilitated approach 

HEP has taken the best systems and practice in Peer Review and has devised a flexible facilitated approach which schools and networks can engage in. 

  • To feel it is a robust and valuable process that will inform/validate self-evaluation and contribute to school improvement
  • To seek and share good/best/innovative practice and build partnerships and networks beyond one’s own school
  • To develop one’s own skills and knowledge and those of staff
  • To inform direction at a system level
  • Contribute to the understanding of system strength