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How HEP can support you

Subject leaders and heads of department play a critical role in the quality of teaching and learning but are too often left to operate in isolation

Subject networks provide regular professional development, led by experts and connecting subject leaders to a professional network across HEP’s family of schools.

Join our vibrant subject networks

Primary subject networks

  • Maths Network with Peter Warwick
  • English Network with Lucy Spreckley
  • Science Network with Naomi Hiscock
  • Science Curriculum Sessions with Brenda Hayles
  • Geography Network with Jess Rennie
  • MFL Network with Bernadette Clinton
  • History Network with Heather de Silva
  • Music Network with Dan Earley
  • D&T Network with Chrystal Scully
  • Art Network with Rosie Sawyer
  • DSL Network – contact Heather.deSilva@haringeyeducationpartnership.co.uk
  • RE Network with Jan McGuire

Secondary subject networks

  • English with Nick Georgiou
  • Maths Network soon to be confirmed
  • Science with Henry Hammond
  • Post-holders meeting with Henry Hammond
  • Physics Network meeting with Peter Adams
  • Biology Network meeting with Henry Hammond
  • Chemistry Network meeting with Emma Walton
  • History Network with Heather da Silva
  • Geography Network with Dee Tombs
  • MFL Network soon to be confirmed
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To find out dates and book your place check the HEP CPD Calendar