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Access to outstanding education resources

HEP has partnered with the best thinkers and experts in curriculum design and delivery.

Working in partnership with Christine Counsell and Steve Mastin, HEP has designed, written and resourced a Key Stage 2 Humanities Curriculum. Brenda Hayles is leading our Key Stage 2 Science Curriculum.

The project is ongoing and aims to provide a continuous cycle of training in subject knowledge and pedagogy. We are looking into adding more subjects. This work is also supported and developed through Subject Networks which work cross phase with subject and departmental leads.

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HEP has partnered with the best thinkers and experts in curriculum design and delivery. You will need your member password to access the resources.

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Inspiring excellence & confidence in educators

Access to outstanding education resources

Opening Worlds has been a ‘game changer’ for our children and staff. The children, most of whom have English as an additional language, are confidently using vocabulary and making links across the curriculum, with knowledge that our previous curriculum would have never even exposed them to. The quality resources provided mean that teachers don’t spend time on research but instead on really understanding the content provided. We couldn’t recommend it more highly.
Our pupils’ range of vocabulary and subject knowledge have skyrocketed since introducing Opening Worlds, which in turn is having a demonstrable impact on their writing and literacy. Our teachers are excited to teach the lessons as their pupils talk confidently about what they are learning. This is because we no longer teach topics in isolation. The carefully sequenced approach of the Opening Worlds curriculum ensures pupils build their knowledge, making connections as they go. Each activity, each lesson, each unit contributes to​ the development of a passionate, informed, confident learner who, by Year 6, will have a secure understanding of the world around them. Our pupils will go on to change the world!