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We provide access to the best Improvement Partner team available anywhere.

HEP understands the need for school leaders to have access to high quality and robust support and challenge.

We recruit only the best:

  • All IPs are currently, or have recently been, successful Headteachers

  • All IPs bring wider skills and experience to the team, including Lead Ofsted inspectors, DfE special advisors, links to research and innovation

  • Your school will be allocated an IP that is closely matched to your context and priorities; if the fit isn’t right for any reason we will change your IP

  • You also have access to the range of skills and expertise across our whole IP team

  • Our IPs work as a tight knit, reflective team, constantly sharing best practice and the latest intelligence

  • Our framework for engagement has been designed with schools, offering flexibility of approach to ensure we meet the needs and priorities of your school

  • All IP reports are quality assured and agreed with the school

  • We can provide additional bespoke support over and above the core membership offer

  • We are also able to source and broker support and expertise for anything the team cannot offer