Mastering the craft of teaching and pedagogy are as vital as a well-planned sequenced curriculum. Transferring the ‘what’ to the ‘how’ so that students are able to know more and remember more.

At HEP, we are dedicated to supporting teachers by seeking and providing the best professional learning available. We have partnered with Tom Sherrington and the WALKTHRUs team as we believe that a systematic approach to breaking down teaching techniques, rooted in cognitive science, with a shared understanding of purpose and language will enable teachers to better adapt their craft.

  • WALKTHRUs provides the psychology that helps establish an understanding of techniques and a shared vision.
  • WALKTHRUs also supports the giving and receiving of feedback through an instructional coaching model that enables communities to explore reflect and improve their craft.
  • HEP works with the WALKTHRUS team through focus days, in-school support and NLC network leaders.

As a HEP member school, you can subscribe to the full WALKTHRUs packages and programme at a heavily discounted and subsidised rate.