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Join more than 120 schools across Haringey and Enfield that are committed to creating a school-led system of improvement

Join HEP’s network to gain access to invaluable resources, expertise and school improvement.

HEP was established by schools in Haringey and Enfield so full HEP membership is only open to schools and multi-academy trusts in our home boroughs. As a member school, you will own HEP.

we are

  • Schools-led, owned and governed
  • Focused solely on school improvement and what makes a difference to young people
  • Founded on a deep understanding of our schools and trusts across all phases and types

  • Committed to earning the respect of schools and will go above and beyond to see them succeed
  • The glue in the system, bringing schools together and fostering collaboration
  • Rooted in place: we are the schools and communities we serve
  • Deeply committed and the best at what we do

we are not

  • Selling a shopping list of services or a transactional relationship with no real impact or responsibility
  • Beating around the bush or saying what schools want to hear
  • Business growth for its own sake or making a profit that goes to shareholders
  • Being second best or ‘good enough’

Not a Haringey or Enfield school?

HEP exists to improve outcomes for children and young people so their achievement is as good as or better than anywhere in the country.

Inspiring excellence & confidence in educators

I have always felt that HEP has the children at the heart of everything it does. We are genuinely proud to be a HEP member school.

Primary School Headteacher

HEP provides a wealth of experiences, resources and training to support schools to audit their provision, identify and share strengths and to strive for continuous improvement.

Member School
We have been delighted with the support that we have received and have found our every need was met.
Primary School Headteacher
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