A few months ago, Sam Crome, Deputy Head at St. Peter’s Catholic School, delivered a talk for HEP’s Big Idea on the ‘power of teams’. The talk was powerful, inviting both leaders and members of teams think deeply about what is involved in becoming and maintaining a successful team. If you haven’t yet seen the recording of it, I highly recommend you take a look here on our Vimeo.

What makes a great team?

In this episode of HEP Talks, I wanted to get deeper behind the concepts behind the ‘power of teams’ and discover what some of the most important traits of high-performing teams are, and why.

In his Big Idea talk, Sam mentioned trust and belonging as crucial for boosting team performance, so I asked some questions about how to create a sense of belonging in schools (especially if you don’t have the resources that Pixar has at their disposal).

I also wanted to discover how and why Sam thought ideas about performance have taken precedence in our work culture, even though the research would point to a sense of belonging or even a clear vision and purpose being more essential to team success.

Finally, we all want to know what makes a team dysfunctional. Finding out what makes a team NOT work well is just as important as discovering what makes one work efficiently. You can find out what the banes of school teams are by listening to the episode.

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About the Author:

Luke Kemper

Luke Kemper is Insight and Intelligence Lead at HEP. He recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Education, Globalisation and International Development. Before that, he worked for seven years as a university lecturer and high school teacher in China and Poland.

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