In this episode of HEP Talks, Luke Kemper talks to Charles (Chaz) Golding and Lawrence Hoo, cofounders of the CARGO movement.

Chaz is the Creative Director of CARGO, and has vast experience in working in the art and media worlds. Lawrence, Executive Producer of CARGO, is a poet and educator based in Bristol who has worked tirelessly for social justice for disadvantaged communities in Bristol and beyond.

Both cofounders have experience in education, and in this podcast, they tell the story of how they met, the origins of CARGO, and how it veered into the education space.

Resources for representation

CARGO stands for ‘Charting African Resilience Generating Opportunities’ and the organisation has created some wonderful opportunities for expanding the presence of Black-heritage characters in the school curriculum. The resources they created, altogether titled CARGO Classroom, are available through the link here. Be sure to watch the ‘WHY’ and ‘IMPLEMENT’ videos before delving into the lessons.

Casting off

In part one of the interview, Chaz and Lawrence discuss the beginnings of CARGO and how it created a space for expression of Black heritage that didn’t exist before. Previously, it had been difficult to get racially-charged images into art galleries – people were uncomfortable with it. Chaz and Lawrence wanted to change that. They opened new creative spaces in shipping containers, and thus the movement was born.

However, art wasn’t the only area where they wanted to be involved. They realised that many of the same tropes they wanted to exhibit in artistic spaces were also less represented in the classroom, and so they pivoted into creating educational resources. The result is a set of beautiful and knowledge-rich resources that are available for many different year groups and subjects completely free.

If you want to hear more about the CARGO movement and its educational resources, stay tuned to HEP Talks for part 2 of the interview.

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