SuperKind is an award-winning, free platform for schools to bring social action and philanthropy into the classroom. In this episode of HEP Talks, we talk with Keren Mitchell, co-founder of the not-for-profit, social action-inspiring organisation.

The Causes

The conversation centres around what SuperKind can do for schools, and specifically how schools can use different parts of the website to facilitate the integration of social causes in the curriculum. The first step for school engagement is to select a cause that resonates with them. SuperKind has handpicked a number of contemporary causes and based much of its activism on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Informational resources and action toolkits accompany each of the causes, and the relevant SDG is also highlighted.

Keren discussed research that shows that introducing activism around social causes to children at a young age makes them more philanthropic in the future. Additionally, teachers actually want to incorporate these topics into their teaching. These two facts alone mean that using SuperKind’s resources is a win-win situation.

The Change-Makers

One of the favourites on the SuperKind website is the Change-Makers page. This page showcases examples from around the world of young people who have engaged in activism and made real differences in the world. Each one has a story with an accompanying video, and each is very inspiring. According to Keren, the videos are there to show children that they really do have agency in the world.

Alongside the Change-Makers are the toolkits, which provide short how-to videos for how to take actions for social causes. These include things like donating, volunteering, writing a letter, or creating a petition, among others. And finally, SuperKind also boasts the “only cross-charity fundraising platform safe for children under 13.” Keren said that they created this platform after data privacy issues for children made fundraising on other platforms impossible for young people.

You can engage with SuperKind on its website, There, you can find all of what was described above, including the Social Impact Schools Award. The Award provides independent recognition of schools who are taking amazing social action. It is designed to be light-touch for teachers, and schools who take part will get access to a host of resources such as lesson plans, worksheets, assembly plans, fundraising guides, and certificates. If you’re interested in signing up for their Social Impact Schools Award, you can get 50% off by typing ‘HEP’ in the ‘How did you hear about us?’ question in the registration form.

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